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Coin Cut
Bitcoin trading platform which provides a prompt delivery
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Core features

Coincut is a UK bitcoin marketplace that
simplifies exchanges and payments. We
built an administrative panel for managing
orders, customers, and site settings. The
entire settings. Users can receive email
and/or SMS notifications on every stage
of the process.

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Market distinction

Get bitcoins within 9 minutes. 7 days
a week, 24 hours a day - Buy or sell
BTC online easily. Beginner friendly.
Using your own personal bitcoin wallet
allows you to stay in control of your
own privacy and security.

Used Technologies
We use different technologies and stacks which suit your project's unique
requirements to speed-up the development and implementation of the project.
Other Cases
Team for Product is an IT consultancy and diverse Software
Development company based in Kyiv, Ukraine. We work with both
Liquimoly Inc.
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