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Fitness boutiques' network with exclusive partnerships
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Users opportunities

Bodypass gives you an access to unlimited
fitness classes and outdoor activities. You
can swim, do yoga, Pilates, barre, high
intensity interval training, outdoor group
fitness sessions, boxing, martial arts and so,
so much more on our ever growing network.

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Winning system

Bodypass was nurtured by a collective
of healthy people whose mission is to
empower everyone with the gift of
health. Bodypass wants you to play!
Get invigorated! Rediscover your active
self! Life is more fun with Bodypass.

Used Technologies
We use different technologies and stacks which suit your project's unique
requirements to speed-up the development and implementation of the project.
Other Cases
Team for Product is an IT consultancy and diverse Software
Development company based in Kyiv, Ukraine. We work with both
Liquimoly Inc.
Liquimoly Inc.
Liquimoly Inc.
Liquimoly Inc.
Liquimoly Inc.
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