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Art Wishlist
Allows user to buy and sell art without commissions
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Market optimization

By giving away informational leads to a wider
audience for higher than possible transactions.

  • Image Recognition Technology
  • Augmented Reality Features
  • Instant Contextual Price Guidance
  • Purpose-Built Instant Messenger for
    collectors, advisor, dealers, artists,
    auctioneers and institutions
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Exchange contact details

To take things further it return 0.5-5% of
the artwork's value for an introduction fee.

  • Taxonomy of Keywords
  • All Upcoming Auctions
  • Top 3 performing auction
    houses for millions of artists
  • Gallery representations of over
    600 most sought after artists
Used Technologies
We use different technologies and stacks which suit your project's unique
requirements to speed-up the development and implementation of the project.
Other Cases
Team for Product is an IT consultancy and diverse Software
Development company based in Kyiv, Ukraine. We work with both
Liquimoly Inc.
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Liquimoly Inc.
Liquimoly Inc.
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